1 | design & budget

The process starts by learning your remodeling goals. What do you want? It’s a simple question, but the answers you provide allow us to ask many more questions which leads to a firm understanding of your vision. Second, we need to understand the site and site conditions. We will collect as much information as possible so that we can return with a solid recommendation and cost estimate. Some of the information we collect includes:

  • – Dimensions of the existing hous e structure
  • – Electrical requirements
  • – Plumbing routs for water lines and drain lines
  • – Heating /Cooling capacities
  • – Roof Layout, Pitch & Condition
  • – Foundation capacities
  • – Structural layout
  • – Utility locations and relocation plans
  • – Lot dimensions, setbacks and coverage calculations


2 | recommendations & contract

At this point we provide a reasonable detailed plan (including detailed sketches or renderings) and the costs along with a timeline for completion. Unlike other contractors, we don’t ask you to simply take our word for it with regard to what you get. You’ll approve a design before you sign. We provide wonderfully detailed sketches to illustrate the end result. Only when you like what you see will we proceed.

At that point we talk finances. It’s an important conversation, and one other contractors may avoid, but we feel it’s important. A candid discussion of project funding helps address questions and concerns and removes the guesswork down the road. To assist this conversation we create a Schedule of Values that breaks the project into phases with associated costs and sets projects draw dates with amounts.


3 | selections

The selection process is a critical phase (and one of the most fun) and can be a huge factor in the success of the project’s timeline. We like to accomplish this in a couple of full day sessions where we plan ahead and ask that you clear your schedule for one day the first week and one day the second week. We take these times and meet at the showrooms to select Cabinets/Tops, Plumbing Fixtures, Lighting Fixtures, Flooring and Paint Colors. These selections need to completed immediately following the contract signing to allow the potential for 4 to 6 week delivery of the products. It is common to not make every single decision at these sessions and follow up times will be scheduled as needed.

We will be with you every step of the way to coordinate compatibility, function and cost. Should you choose to select a higher grade of any certain products, the cost difference will be determined and you will always know where you stand on your overall budget.


4 | construction

Many remodeling projects require some level of demolition. This can happen in parallel with selections so that we maintain our timeline. Demolition can be a stressful thought for some of our clients, but rest easy…we make it as painless as possible. We protect non-project areas of your home and do all that we can to reduce noise and mess. Our professional, considerate crew will clean the site daily to ensure your satisfaction.

Once demo is complete we begin the structural elements of the project. Framing, electrical, heating and cooling are all coordinated in a seamless manner to move the project as smoothly as possible.


5 | finishes

This is where all your selections come to life. Paint, trim, tile, flooring and everything else you have selected will be installed in phases. This is where your vision comes to life and the project really begins to take its final form. Even during this phase, changes happen. You may decide a selection you made just doesn’t work. Fear not. We can address changes. And while there may be a cost implication it shouldn’t stop you from at least asking. We all change our minds and we’ll work through it.


6 | walk through

A final visual inspection ensures your complete satisfaction. Our job is not complete until you are 100% satisfied.